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I was born in Canada to a family of creative souls and from an early age dabbled in many art mediums. Years later when I transitioned from a corporate business background in Canada to an artistic lifestyle on a quiet island in the Bahamas, I wanted to do something about the mounds of paper waste produced by my career and family.


Web surfing led me to the fascinating stories about the ancient art form of hand paper making that began circa 105 AD in China and spread around the world as a result of the silk trade. Over time paper making has been industrialized but the original process is kept alive today by me and many other global artisans. As an outgrowth of my eco philosophy, my focus has been on the harvesting of recycled materials, namely, paper. From studying and following Chinese hand paper making techniques from as far back as 2000 years ago, I have developed and refined my skills and artistry in a today representation of that ancient and revered art form.


My handmade process is simple yet complex, physically demanding, labor intensive and very rewarding. As a Paper Sculptor, marrying the eons-old techniques and procedures of hand paper making with the magic of today’s technology, has allowed me to expand and enhance my artistic journey. I am delighted that in my small way, I not only lessen my carbon footprint while indulging my passion for making beautiful paper for my wall structures, but that I also have the opportunity to share my passion with a new generation of young artists.

In September 2019, our quiet island was hit by Hurricane Dorian that destroyed our home and my Adagio Art Studio and Gallery. We and our beautiful island are slowly working our way to a bright new future.


'Turquoise Waters, Tranquil Mind lives in my heart and my work.'

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