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Born in 1946, Gérald Trudel spent his youth in Laval, near the Rivière des Mille-Iles. This was the start of a friendship between wildlife and the artist. Later, when he had a small house in the Laurentians, his interest in wildlife further developed. He continues to study and tame all the animals around him.


He left a long career as a graphic designer to devote himself solely to painting. Gérald Trudel quickly rose to fame among the greatest animal painters. His paintings can be found in several galleries across Canada, Europe and the United States.


M. Trudel was invited to the International exhibition of the National Society of Fine Arts in Paris at the Carrousel of the Louvre Museum, December 2006. (Bronze medal)


Elected artist of the year 2000 by "Canards Illimités" for the "Litho donor" contest.


In September 2002, he represented Quebec in an exhibition in Barcelona, ​​Spain.


He was invited to the Arts & Miss Gallery, Paris, France in March 2004.
He participated in the Salon d'Art Nature-Animaux, France in December 2005.

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