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I am a landscape painter having made the transition from a Professional Engineer to this profession in 2005. After a 30-year career in design engineering, project and manufacturing management and consulting I found what my passion is. Surprisingly, this change was prompted through a seminar series about operating an independent consulting business. Our facilitator repeatedly asked when we would embrace our individual dreams - “if not now, when” and “are you doing this because you’ve been doing this or because you want to do this” While on a project out of town, living in a hotel, 4 or 5 nights a week, I started painting at night and by the end of the project, my decision was made.


I am primarily self-taught but have taken a few workshops. My paintings are characterized with texture, big colors, shadows, energy, contrast and a sense of movement. Since starting I have participated in 100+ art shows, fairs and venues seeking contact and feedback with both art lovers and artists.


My paintings are in both corporate and personal collections across Canada and the US and internationally from Australia to the UK and Germany. Career Highlights include successful participation in the: Calgary Stampede Art Auction, a repeated Top Ten seller in the McMichael Gallery Autumn Art Auction, People’s choice awards in consecutive CNE art shows (Toronto) Solo Showing at the Algonquin Visitor Centre Regular participation at the One-of-a-Kind Christmas Show and the Artist Project Giving back to the art community through long term membership on the Artist Network board of directors.


My Inspiration comes from being in the setting portrayed and painting of the scene brings back my emotions and feelings of that moment. The energy, color, movement and feeling of well-being. I consider my painting a success if the viewer experiences the same.

Sold Works

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