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Laurent Lafleur did his first painting at the age of 15 just to get away from it all. His desire however was to become a psychologist. In order to pay for his studies, he sold his small paintings on the street corners of Montreal. When he obtained his bachelor's degree in psychology in 1977, he was already able to make a living from selling his paintings. This unexpected profession would be the only one he would practice throughout his life.

At that time, his subjects were the ones you see everywhere: landscapes, still lifes and animals.

Laurent Lafleur not only kept his childish heart, but he put it at the center of his creation and made it available to those who, like him, love castles, philosophers, romanticism and Santa Claus. He creates entire worlds in which the spectator can linger, live and dream.

With him, creation becomes an obsession. For him, the creative gesture consists in innovating, in doing something new. His production is therefore destabilizing; from one canvas to another, you never know what you will find!

Inspired by the great masters of painting and comics, he has an eye for detail and loves a job well done.

His need to create and his passion for his country led him to produce two books illustrating Charlevoix, which had never been done before. It was the beginning of a new adventure!

Sold Works

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