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Born in Arthabaska, Quebec in 1953


“The arts have always allowed me to communicate and convey my emotions in a way that is concrete and constructive.” 

Marie-Andrée Béliveau enjoyed a happy childhood, growing up in the country where she developed her love for animals.  In the beginning of her artistic career, Marie-Andrée was searching for her own personal style though new artistic techniques.  This led her to travel to Europe, a trip that would last four years.


As a figurative painter, she says that the creative ambiance, in which she surrounds herself, is most important.  She aspires to work in a creative environment which is innovative.  Her success is the fruit of hard labour.  Béliveau believes that the drawing in itself is less important than the mood created by the painting.  She wants this atmosphere to be magical.  She tries to create a harmonious entity between the natural scenery and the wildlife she portrays. 


When Béliveau works at her easel, her goal is to paint with utmost passion and tenderness.  In order for the viewer to be transported into a very scared and personal haven.    


Sold Works

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