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Shannon Cross is a full-time artist creating out of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, specializing in mid to large scale abstract acrylic and mixed media pieces. She exhibits in galleries as well as private solo shows. Shannon has been fortunate enough to travel the world and lived in Hamburg, Germany where her love of abstract art began to evolve. Shannon left behind a fulfilling policing career in Edmonton, AB that she began at an early age. Due to her husband’s hockey career, she was forced to resign after 10 years and initially moved to the United States and then Europe. 

Something she doesn’t regret, moving forward with a gratifying and successful art career here in Canada. Self taught and working from her kitchen table in the beginning. Shannon began creating large scale pieces and taking on substantial projects for businesses in the oil sector, private businesses as well as private home collections. She now works from her own studio.

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Here, her paintings  emerged initially as rather industrial, contemporary forms, often including beautiful abstract landscapes that presented well in any homes using bright colours, scratching’s, textures, and stencilling. Over time, her interest grew into seasonal series of abstract florals often being compared to the mid works of Bobbie Burgers, among others. Shannon’s passion currently lies in her current series involving calming layers upon layers and finishing with markings that allow in a quiet twist sometimes using metallic paint lines. What has created has been described as a circulation of motion and a vision of weightlessness. Her style has been thought of as contemporary that works in any space or design taste.

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