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Born in Maria, Gaspésie, Pion now resides in St. Adolphe d’Howard. As a child, her family nicknamed her 'Pion', probably due to her playfulness, her mischievousness, or her curiosity. Today, she signs her works remembering those happy moments in the country.

Since her childhood, her passion for colors, drawing and the need to create pushes the artist to express herself in her artworks. She attended workshops and drawing classes that did not meet her expectations. She continued alone, while consulting art and drawing magazines. She then discovered herself and oriented herself towards a style that distinguished her.

The expression of her art is in two parts: the figurative and the fairy tale with its sometimes-mysterious characters. The accentuated contrasts of shadows and lights, the pure and electrifying colors create a vibrant atmosphere in which her little pieces of art evolve, teeming with pleasure.

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