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Raymond Girard, a self-taught artist since 1990, was born in Beaupré, Québec.  He was introduced to painting as a hobby by a childhood friend.  This ''hobby'' soon became his passion as he discovered a means to express his creativity in all its splendour.  He rapidly acquired an attraction to materials which became part of his expressive style. 


As his style evolved, he began incorporating pulp, powder and stones to his works.  Remembering his adolescence at his father's metalworking/blacksmith's shop, Girard developed his technique to include hammered metals (copper, bronze, aluminum) in his unique style.  Since 2012 he has incorporated quartz, fossils and stones from different countries in many of his paintings.


Many of Girard's works have found their way into private and corporate collections in France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Great-Britain, Egypt, Mexico, Australia, United States and Canada.


Sold Works

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